Sunday, November 05, 2006

Last night we watched V for Vendetta. Through a timing fluke, our viewing more or less coincided with Guy Fawkes Day, which is a big deal to the movie's timing.

This was a movie choice influenced more by a lack of on-demand options than anything else. I wondered if the violent content would be similar to Kill Bill or something that I can't stomach, but although quite violent, this film's depictions were kind of clean-cartoonish in style.

Overall, the film seemed as pleased with itself as the main character V is with himself. I'm not sure really what the message was, although if cheap indie dramas are allowed to ultimately skip out on anything other than ambiguity and confusion, I guess that's ok for more expensive comic book type movies. Anyway, I thought it was ok, but definitely not a movie for youngish kids. There were bunches of things that didn't make sense, plenty of uncompelling acting and overall a decent enough diversion.

Here's the movie official site.

Here's imdb.

Here's metacritic.

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