Sunday, January 29, 2006

compiled some links, for you.

Aaron Burtch confirms on Grandaddy's site that they are done.

Beulah's website
is still up, but Miles K. is still out of order.

NY Times
on Bob Pollard's soundtrack ambitions.
NY Times on Broken Social Scene
NY Times on Jenny Lewis

Daniel Handler recommends you read some Jim Shepard.

Some guy got into trouble for dressing the part of a Law and Order extra off the set.

Here's an article
about the McSweeneys Wholphin series. I got 2 copies of the first dvd, so i put one on ebay.

Here is an article
about vinyl records

here's an article about Will Oldham as actor. Did you listen to that Jeff Lewis song yet?

Also, now you can google earth on a mac.

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rd said...

it's probably an indication of my imbalanced love for d.handler that I'd follow his suggestion not for the $ refund but for the promised ass-kicking? so much personal attention?!