Sunday, December 11, 2005

have some links

The NY Times describes Final Fantasy asThe World's Most Popular Gay Postmodern Harpsichord Nerd

This map could help you do a Neutral Milk Hotel pilgrimmage. Today's NY Times magazine refers to this sort of thing as "Do It Yourself Cartography". NYT also cites "Folksonomy" as a big 2005 idea. You know, like Flickr.

Daniel Handler says of Narnia: "My memories of the 'Narnia' books is that they have everything: monsters, witches, talking animals, battles, journeys overseas, secret passageways. They're sort of all-of-the-above adventure stories" in this article about the Xian marketing etc of Narnia, which I think I'll skip.

This article groups " Tony Kushner, Michael Chabon, Jonathan Lethem and Jonathan Safran Foer [as] among the most lauded of current Jewish writers"

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