Tuesday, November 01, 2005

here are some links

Here's your daily Berman: Harp Magazine
"I thought of 'Opposite George' from Seinfield, in doing almost everything differently almost as a method."

Mic'ing the Tap Shoes: Tilly and the Wall are blogging about recording their new album.

Some interesting new eMusic albums, including the Bobby Bare Sr one made with the Mark Lambchop Nevers and the Sun Kil Moon album of Modest Mouse covers.

Here's an article
about the latest Spoon tour.

The WFMU Record Fair is this upcoming weekend.

Trillium Press
has some interesting things to look at.

You can also check out Miranda July's jack-o-lantern.

Here is a big article
about Baumbach and the Squid and the Whale.

So Flickr groups seem to be somewhat happening. Here is a Sub Pop group. I also like the TV on the Radio guy's photos. And Tiny Showcase has some Flickr happening too.

The New Yorker has a library-friendly cover.

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