Wednesday, November 02, 2005

choice words

DC Berman: "I’m like an old man who is growing into a baby." more here and here

Lemony Snicket: "I keep meaning to read the Boxcar Children, but the illustration on the cover of my copy is so hideous I always put it right back on the shelf." more here

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rd said...

tons of cheap spongebob sponges sound depressing--you know what else? the other day--actually it started months ago--
whenever I'd hit upon a boxcar kids book, in the catalog I'm working on, I'd cringe and contemplate removing it on my own....ONLY because I have this memory of my second grade teacher reading it outoud to us...and I REMEMBER liking the stories enough...but I remember NONE of the stories...but anyway I HATED the books--the physical books. the covers made me feel sick. I remember only being able to listen to the stories if I put my head down on the desk.
and yes, recently I've thought about throwing them all away--because that's how depressing the covers are.